- home - african united boilers & electrical - Home - African United Boilers & Electrical Ettienne Makkink Tel: 012 548 1524 Cell: 082 457 1981 Fax: 012 548 1555 Post Home. African United Boilers & Electrical develop into a system provider follows the principle of always achieving more together. In the Company itself, as with suppliers and particularly with end-users, solutions that benefit all parties are sought together. African United …

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boilers - rendering, sterilizing & alkaline plants

Boilers - Rendering, Sterilizing & Alkaline Plants

Rendering, Sterilizing & Alkaline Plants. We have provided a service to the rendering industry for the past 15 years. We manufacture and install by-product plants in South Africa and neighboring countries. We assist with environmental impact assessments, plant location and feasibility studies to ensure our clients understand the requirements of recycling animal by-products. Our workshops are fully equipped to …

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boilers and steam generation - sugar engineers

Boilers and Steam Generation - Sugar Engineers

Home | About us | Engineering Guides | Rapid Design | Material Properties | Whats New | Contact | | Boiler Evaporation Coefficient. The evaporation coefficient is the quantity of steam in tons generated per ton of fuel consumed. The gross evaporation coefficient . x. is given by. x = η B ·HCV / (h st - h fw) where η B. is the boiler efficiency, based on HCV HCV. is the Higher Calorific …

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flash steam boilers - cape boiler & heater co


The flash-type steam boiler, due to it’s operating principle, is mainly suited to small and medium steam applications, where considerable energy and operating cost savings can be realised by using the boiler only when steam is needed. The operator simply starts the unit a few minutes prior to needing the steam, and the FULL STEAM OUTPUT and TEMPERATURE / PRESSURE is produced within 3 minutes …

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hydro central heating - hydro central heating - home

Hydro Central Heating - Hydro Central Heating - Home

Hydro Central Heating for your entire home at the temperature you want providing accurate and full control over temperature and running costs Combine radiators and a liquid fuel boiler to get the best heating efficiency and running cost for you to love your entire home in winter. You are free from the South African electricity monopoly and have the freedom to change the energy source as per your …

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welcome to midlands boilers, boiler, steam boiler, gas boilers, …

Welcome to Midlands Boilers, Boiler, Steam Boiler, Gas Boilers, …

Midlands Boilers services are reliable, efficient and cover a wide variety of expertise, as experienced consultants in the implementation of industrial steam boiler systems and engineering. Midlands Boilers have a strong, diverse and accomplished workforce specializing in Boiler Maintenance and Full Installations for Gas Boilers, Coal Boilers, Oil Boilers & Paraffin Boilers.

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welcome to boiler & steam installation (bsi).


Welcome to BOILER & STEAM INSTALLATION (BSI). Since 1975 in the industry, BSI was established in 1996 and situated in Kempton Park. BSI offers a comprehensive range of integrated boiler and steam solutions that include: * Design, manufacturing and maintenance of new and used boilers. * Repair, maintenance, reconditioning and emergency services * Full boiler support services including advice …

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water heaters that require no electricity - made in south africa

Water Heaters that require no electricity - Made in South Africa

Enjoy a hot shower or bath with our water heaters. The Rocket" designed and manufactured in South Africa, is a combustible fuel, dry wood hot water heater. With a small amount of dry wood pieces , you will have warm water in 15 minutes and scalding hot water in 20 – 25 minutes! (typical for the 50 Litre capacity unit )

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instant water heaters - energy efficient water heating systems

Instant Water Heaters - Energy efficient water heating systems

Welcome to our range of instant water heaters by Stiebel Eltron, please take a tour and discover our awesome range of products that are eco-friendly and affordable. STIEBEL ELTRON, founded in 1924, is Germany’s number one hot water heating company and has operated in South Africa for the past 30 years. With a history of over 80 years, you

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homepage - combustion technologies

Homepage - Combustion Technologies

We provide modern, world-class and highly efficient environmentally friendly solutions to meet combustion and heating challenges. Autoflame Engineering provides the widest range of Complete Burner & Boiler Controls, sensors and Remote Management Tools for a wide variety of commercial, industrial and process applications.

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